continuous blood pressure measurement.


KRUK funded patient study kickoff and demonstration of new dialysis monitoring technology

This week has been a landmark in the progress of our iTrend and DIAMONDS projects. We have commenced a 150 patient study in the renal unit at Royal Derby Hospital. The patient study captures continuous physiological measurements from patients receiving typically 4-hour dialysis treatment. The study supports the DIAMONDS Dialysis Monitoring for decision support project […]

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Health monitoring tech developed on iTrend project being deployed on new Kidney Research U.K. project.

Continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring technology developed by University of Derby and University of Nottingham researchers on the iTrend Intelligent Technologies for Renal Dialysis project is now being deployed on the DIAMONDS Dialysis Monitoring for Decision Support project. The Stoneygate Research Award project funded by Kidney Research U.K. will use continuous blood pressure monitoring data […]

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iTREND Project

A Feasibility Study of Non-Invasive Continuous Estimation of Brachial Pressure Derived From Arterial and Venous Lines During Dialysis

ABSTRACT Objective: Intradialytic haemodynamic instability is a significant clinical problem, leading to end-organ ischaemia and contributing to morbidity and mortality in haemodialysis patients. Non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring is not currently part of routine practice but may aid detection and prevention of significant falls in blood pressure during dialysis. Brachial blood pressure is currently recorded […]

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