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Bio/Experience: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-stewart-57a8ab2a/

I am a Professor of Electronic, Control and Systems Engineering and hold the Research Chair in Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing in the Institute for Engineering, Computing and Advanced Manufacturing at Cumbria University.

Deputy Editor in Chief of MDPI Energies Journal
Fellow of the IMechE, Senior Member IEEE, Fellow HEA, Chartered Engineer.
UK Kidney Dialysis and Research Innovation Network (UKDRIN) Executive Panel Member
UKRI EPSRC College Member

My background is in Electronic, Control and Systems Engineering, particularly with reference to Aeronautical, Automotive, and Energy applications and laterly MedTech novel sensing and AI analytics

Current Research Projects

  • MStart Trust: iTREND Intelligent Healthcare Technologies  Mar 2017 – Feb 2023,  £1.7M

    PIs Prof Paul Stewart and Prof Jill Stewart (Institute of Engineering, Computing and Advanced Manufacturing, University of Cumbria) and Principal Investigators Prof Maarten Taal and Dr Nick Selby (Department of Renal Medicine, Royal Derby Hospital; Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham)

The aim of the programme is to improve outcomes for renal dialysis patients by delivering personalised treatment regimes, in particularly, predicting the onset of hypotension and modulating or modifying treatment. So far the team has developed hardware and software for non-invasive continuous monitoring of blood pressure, without compromising patient experience. In parallel to the main iTrend project, the team secured a Kidney Research UK Stoneygate Award (2021-2023) – DIAMONDS Dialysis Monitoring for Decision Support, to develop real-time blood pressure prediction during dialysis treatment. The iTrend project is now extended until 2023 to investigate the effectiveness of treatment modulation techniques in controlling and mitigating the onset of hypotension during treatment. By mid 2023, the programmes will have collected continuous blood pressure and other physiological data from over 200 patients In the Derby Royal Hospital (RDH) Renal Unit, during multiple 4-hour treament sessions for each patient in order to support the development of the programme

iTrend project Principal Investigators Profs Maarten Taal, Paul Stewart and Nick Selby
Prof Jill Stewart, Prof Maarten Taal, Dr Tarek Eldehini, Dr Latha Gullapudi, Prof Nick Selby







      Kidney Research UK Stoneyate Award: DIAMONDS Dialysis Monitoring for Decision Support August 2021-2023, £300k
Principal Investigator Prof Paul Stewart, Co-I Prof Jill Stewart and Principal Investigators Prof Maarten Taal and Prof Nick Selby (Department of Renal Medicine, Royal Derby Hospital; Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham)

Continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring technology developed by University of Derby and University of Nottingham researchers on the iTrend Intelligent Technologies for Renal Dialysis project is now being deployed on the DIAMONDS Dialysis Monitoring for Decision Support project. The Stoneygate Research Award project funded by Kidney Research U.K. uses continuous blood pressure monitoring data collected during kidney dialysis to predict the onset of low patient blood pressure which causes and exacerbates other associated illnesses.

  • US Patent Office & Overseas License 62/855069 MEASURING PRESSURE WAVES IN DIALYSIS LINES TO DERIVE CONTINUOUS ARTERIAL BLOOD PRESSURE Prof Paul Stewart, Prof Jill Stewart, et al. iTrend Medical Research Ltd.

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