Health monitoring tech developed on iTrend project being deployed on new Kidney Research U.K. project.

Continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring technology developed by University of Derby and University of Nottingham researchers on the iTrend Intelligent Technologies for Renal Dialysis project is now being deployed on the DIAMONDS Dialysis Monitoring for Decision Support project. The Stoneygate Research Award project funded by Kidney Research U.K. will use continuous blood pressure monitoring data collected during kidney dialysis to predict the onset of low patient blood pressure which causes and exacerbates other associated illnesses.

Project leads Prof Paul Stewart (Derby University), Profs Maarten Taal and Nick Selby (Nottingham University) will be taking the opportunity to demonstrate the technology during a 50 patient study conducted over the next 24 months at Royal Derby Hospital. Follow up projects will utilise the prediction in order to modify the dialysis treatment regime to avoid the development of hypotension

Photographs show the technology being developed in University of Derby research labs.


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