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Remote working on the Kidney Research UK DIAMONDS project

Discussing the last couple of weeks patient data on the Kidney Research UK: DIAMONDS project. Having our side of the project running remotely at University of Cumbria seems to be working very well. We have data from enough patient study sessions for our next journal paper centred on the foundations of accurate BP measurements to […]

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Noninvasive continuous intradialytic blood pressure monitoring: the key to improving haemodynamic stability

Abstract Intradialytic hypotension (IDH) occurs in 20% of haemodialysis treatments, leading to end-organ ischaemia, increased morbidity and mortality; and contributing to poor quality of life for patients. Treatment of IDH is reactive since brachial blood pressure (BP) is recorded only intermittently during haemodialysis, making early detection and prediction of hypotension impossible. Noninvasive continuous BP monitoring […]

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