Day: October 24, 2022

Free Piston Energy Converter

YouTube video of our Hybrid Vehicle Zero Constraint Free Piston Energy Converter

Hybrid Vehicle Zero Constraint Free Piston Energy Converter: EPSRC Grant: GR/S97507/01 2005 – 2008 £332,519 Collaborating University: Dept. Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering, University of Loughborough UK. Collaborating Company: Lotus Engineering. Consortium PI: Paul Stewart The technology is based around a single-cylinder free-piston internal combustion engine (ICE), which is run on a 4-stroke cycle, with an […]

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Call for Papers Energies Journal

Call for Papers: Artificial Intelligence for Energy Systems, Energies Journal

Topical Collection ‘Editorial Board Members’ Collection Series: Artificial Intelligence for Energy Systems MDPI Energies Journal Call: Topical Collection Information Dear Colleagues, As our global complex energy systems are transformed away from fossil fuels to clean, sustainable sources, the change will require heightened levels of sophistication in terms of complex system control and optimization. Challenging […]

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