New agile feasibility study stream added to the iTrend Research Programme

Prof Jill Stewart, Prof Maarten Taal, Dr Tarek Eldehini, Dr Latha Gullapudi, Prof Nick Selby

The iTrend Intelligent Technologies for Renal Dialysis programme has had a new feasibility study stream added as an adjunct to the main research programme. Centering around tech development and rapid response to clinical problems arising in clinical centres, the researchers will conduct feasibility studies in response to requests from hospital consultants, doctors and practitioners.

We are trialling the concept at the moment in order to standardise the development methodology. The iTrend project team consists of a broad set of researchers and practitioners including Profs Nick Selby and Maarten Taal from the University of Nottingham and Profs Paul and Jill Stewart from the University of Derby. The Engineering team from Derby Uni has spent significant time during the iTrend programme embedded with staff in the Renal Unit at Royal Derby Hospital. This ’embedding’ of staff has opened pathways for the development of nascent new and critical ideas into feasibility study proposals.

The first feasibility study is now underway, focusing on the development of techniques and technology to enable continuous, low cost, non invasive monitoring to identify the early stages of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). The package, if successfully developed, would also form a platform to assess the efficacy of individual and cobminatorial clinical interventions. Should the feasibility study fulfil its objectives, then the project will be worked up into a full funding proposal. We will also work with colleagues across the Hospital to identify new and important feasibility projects as the requirements arise.

The iTrend programme is now in its 6th year of operation and is funded by the MStart Trust.

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